Every person has the right to defend him or herself against criminal charges, regardless of the nature of the charges. This includes people accused of sex offenses. While some attorneys prefer not to take these cases because they don’t want to be seen as defending rapists and child molesters, Attorney John D. Barnett views these defendants differently. He understands that the case may involve a misunderstanding or false accusation, and will fight hard to prove his client’s innocence. He also knows that the prosecution of these crimes can become a witch hunt that violates the rights of the accused. John Barnett is committed to upholding the Constitution and defending the rights of all Americans. If you have been charged with a sex crime in Orange County, you owe it to your future to hire the most experienced, dedicated attorney you can find.

John Barnett Courageously Defends All Kinds of Sex Offense Charges

When a person is charged with a sex offense, he or she is often left to face the accuser, police, prosecutor, media, their family, and the entire community alone. There is no doubt that sex crimes are among the most reprehensible crimes a person can commit. Victims of sex crimes are left shattered and can suffer the effects for a lifetime. However, defendants of sex charges are entitled to due process, just like everyone else, and it takes a courageous defense attorney to fulfill this duty. John Barnett handles all allegations of a sexual nature, including the following:

  • Rape. To be charged with rape, the accused must have engaged in nonconsensual sexual intercourse with the alleged victim. In California, the use of violence, duress, threats, or fraud to have sex with another person are considered non-consensual means. In addition, if the victim is unable to consent due to intoxication or unconsciousness, he or she could file a rape charge. Defending someone accused of rape requires aggressive examination of evidence, firm yet sensitive handling of the accuser, and a determination to hold the prosecution to the highest possible standards.
  • Sexual battery. Unwanted sexual touching can be charged as either a misdemeanor or felony sexual battery. While it might not seem as serious as a rape charge, a conviction can land the accused on the sex offender registry and ruin his or her life. Contacting an experienced sex crimes defense attorney as soon as possible after an arrest for sexual battery or assault is your smartest move.
  • Child molestation. A very serious and very sensitive crime, child molestation cases are fraught with difficulty. Dealing with a child victim and his or her parents is enough to turn many defense attorneys away, but John Barnett believes every person accused of this crime has rights and deserves to be heard.
  • Possession of child pornography. Issues of illegal search and seizure and entrapment may come into play with a possession of child pornography charge. John Barnett is committed to upholding the Constitution and will hold law enforcement accountable for violating a suspect’s rights.
  • Statutory rape. When a person 18 or older has consensual sex with someone under the age of 18, he or she may be charged with the crime of statutory rape. While these charges may be justified when an older adult coerces a minor into a sexual relationship, the charge is far too often used against teenagers and young adults in consenting relationships. These charges must be taken seriously as a conviction will affect the accused’s ability to get an education, hold down a job, and live where he or she chooses.
  • Indecent exposure. To be charged with this offense, a person must have intended to expose him or herself to another person for sexual gratification. Proving intent is key to the prosecution’s case. With a skilled defense attorney, this charge can be beaten when a prosecutor overreaches in charging a defendant.

With the rise of the internet, additional sex crimes have become more common in California. Our sex crimes legal team is prepared to handle any charge of a sexual nature.

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