Allegations of sexual misconduct are not just embarrassing, they are life-altering. If you are accused of crimes involving sexual misconduct, such as rape (CA Penal Code Section 261), sexual battery (CA Penal Code Section 243.4), or indecent exposure (CA Penal Codes Section 314), the district attorney's office will want you to register as a sex offender pursuant to Section 290 of the California Penal Code. The ramifications of having to register as a sex offender cannot be overstated. It affects where you can live and who you can live with, and it destroys your reputation in the community.

Allegations of Sex Crimes Often Lead to Witch Hunts

Investigating officers, families of victims, and the general public become like an angry mob carrying pitchforks at even the hint of an allegation of sexual misconduct. With blind faith, they follow the allegation and attempt to prove it, instead of independently investigating the facts and potential falsehoods in the complaining witness' story. It becomes the accuser, the rest of the community, and all of the powers of the state against the accused.

Many attorneys cower away from sex cases because of the stakes involved and because of the nature of the allegations. John Barnett attacks these allegations head-on. He understands what motivates people to lie. He understands that bad things can happen to good people. He understands that these cases must be fought tooth and nail.

Sex Crimes Cases We Accept

Law Office of John D. Barnett handles a comprehensive array of sex crime charges including the following:

It is of great importance to get someone on your side early in these types of cases. Witnesses must be spoken to, evidence must be preserved, and defenses must be established. It takes a lifetime to establish a reputation, but it can take just seconds for an accuser to destroy that reputation. The accused must get someone to stand up for him and fight for him. The accused must get someone on his side who has experience and respect. The accused needs to get someone who isn't afraid to confront accusers and expose their lies.

Consequences of Being on the California Sex Offender Registry

The restrictions placed on someone who must register as a sex offender are only becoming more serious and more intrusive. There are currently at least ten cities in Orange County that have passed, or are contemplating passing, more restrictive laws banning sex offenders from certain public areas like parks and playgrounds. Cities like Laguna Beach, Anaheim, Irvine, and Dana Point - and others throughout Southern California - are making life impossible for people convicted of sex crimes. People who must register as sex offenders often find themselves on the Megan's Law website with a listing of his or her address and his or her photograph. The allegations of sexual misconduct are life-changing, but a conviction for sexual misconduct makes life almost unlivable. These allegations must be fought.

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