Just one beer or a single glass of wine could be what puts you over the line between a sober driver and a drunk driver under California law. If you are pulled over in a random traffic stop or are involved in a serious crash, and you have a blood alcohol content of .08 percent or higher, that one drink could be the difference between an uneventful drive home and a criminal record that significantly impacts your livelihood and future opportunities. If you are charged with DUI in Southern California, do not make the mistake of assuming everything will be okay. Take charge by hiring a DUI defense attorney with a record of success. Contact attorney John D. Barnett as soon as possible after your arrest.

One Drink Can Lead to Serious Consequences

Don’t get us wrong. It is never okay to get behind the wheel of a car after you have had too much to drink. For the average man, that means two to three drinks over the course of an hour. A petite woman could be legally drunk after just one glass of wine. You need to be aware of your limits and drink responsibly.

However, California’s DUI laws are convoluted and terribly punitive. A person charged with a DUI in California must confront the Department of Motor Vehicles (DMV) as well as the criminal court. Consequently, there are two ways an accused can lose his or her license and two ways an individual can get punished.

But these hurdles can be overcome. The attorneys at the Law Office of John D. Barnett have a wealth of experience dealing with accusations of driving under the influence. The first step will be to determine if your rights were violated when evidence was obtained. After that, negotiating a better deal in the criminal court and saving your privilege to drive with the DMV are additional options attorney John Barnett will pursue.

Felony DUI Charges in California

John Barnett focuses his DUI practice on defending the most serious DUI charges—those that are elevated to the level of a felony. He puts his vast criminal defense experience to work fighting for those facing these life-altering charges. A DUI is a misdemeanor in California unless one of the following is true:

  • You caused an accident that resulted in great bodily injury or death to somebody else.
  • You have had four or more DUI convictions within the last 10 years.
  • You have a prior felony DUI conviction.

Felony convictions can lead to time in prison and affect your ability to get or keep your job. They can also lead to significant fines and fees, strictly monitored felony probation, extensive mandatory alcohol classes, mandatory rehabilitation or treatment programs, installation of an Ignition Interlock Device, and lengthy license suspension or revocation. Can you afford to pay this price? If not, you need a criminal defense attorney with over 40 years of experience defending felony DUI in California—you need John Barnett.

Driving Under the Influence of Drugs

More and more people are being arrested in California for driving under the influence of illegal drugs and prescription medications. Special prosecutors have been assigned to handle these cases, and more police officers are receiving training in drug recognition. District attorney's offices throughout Southern California are motivated to convict individuals who drive with drugs in their system, and sometimes their reach goes too far.

John Barnett is highly experienced in handling drug DUI cases. He understands the science behind these cases and knows how to explain it to juries. He rises to the challenge of proving that the accused was not impaired by the drug for the purposes of driving. We understand the pharmacology behind these types of cases and can articulate the prosecution’s problems to a jury. Our attorneys will listen to you and effectively tell your story to the jury. Let Law Office of John D. Barnett protect you when you are charged with drugged driving.

A California DUI Is Always a Serious Matter

First offense or felony—you want an attorney who will bring everything he has to fight your DUI conviction. Don’t risk your future with another attorney. Hire Orange County’s premier criminal defense attorney. Hire John D. Barnett.