Violent crimes often arise out of strong emotions, absolute desperation, and complicated relationships. In order to successfully represent a defendant charged with a violent crime, a defense attorney must have a deep understanding of the human condition and what drives people to act in violent ways. Attorney John D. Barnett has defended violent criminals in Orange County for over 40 years because he believes everyone has a right to tell their story. This is not always easy because the criminal courtroom is designed to benefit the prosecution. Jurors are purposely distanced from the events that led to the crime, making it easier for the jury to pass judgment on the accused. But John Barnett’s skilled storytelling transports the court back to the day of the crime, putting jurors in the shoes of the accused and making them feel what the accused felt. In this way, he gives his client a shot at the best possible outcome. Why wouldn’t you want this passionate, committed defense attorney on your side?

Violent Offenses We Have Successfully Defended

No matter what crime you have been accused of, the Law Office of John D. Barnett wants to hear your story. If we believe we can improve your chances at trial, we will take your case and fight for you. Violent felony charges do not deter us. We have successfully defended clients accused of the following:

Whether you have been falsely accused, your rights have been violated, or there are extenuating circumstances that need to be heard, our criminal defense team will explore every possible defense in fighting for your freedom. We believe every defendant deserves to have someone fighting for the best outcome, which may be an acquittal, a reduced sentence, or just a chance to tell your story in court.

California’s Felony Sentencing and Three Strikes Law

Even when you are found guilty of a violent offense, your defense attorney can have a significant impact on the sentence you are given. In California, a violent felony conviction can result in up to a year in the local jail and then release on probation, or a sentence in the state prison and a release on parole. The length of your state prison term depends on the seriousness of the felony charge. You may be given a low-term, mid-term, or high-term sentence. It’s important to note the following:

  • The low term is also referred to as the mitigated term because it is given to people whose crime or criminal history reflects mitigating circumstances and consequently a shorter sentence. This is something a skilled defense attorney can argue for on your behalf.
  • The high term is referred to as the aggravated term because there is usually something about the facts of the case, or the individual’s history, that makes their case worse than the average case and warrants a greater punishment. An experienced defense attorney will do everything he can to prevent this sentence from being passed.

Complicating sentencing in California is the three strikes law. Crimes that are considered to be serious or violent—assault, kidnapping, carjacking, manslaughter—are deemed strike offenses. If an individual commits a strike offense, that strike can be used against him in all future felony cases. The strike will have the effect of doubling the base terms of future cases. For example, an individual who is convicted of voluntary manslaughter has a state prison sentencing range of three years, six years, or 11 years. If that person has a strike prior, then that range doubles to six years, 12 years, or 22 years. Also, an individual with a prior strike will do 80% of the sentence he receives instead of the typical 50%. If an individual has two or more prior strike offenses, then any future felonies will expose that individual to 25 years to life in prison. This means that the individual would not be eligible for parole until he had completed 25 years in prison.

The attorneys at Law Office of John D. Barnett are experts in third strike cases. Their experience is unparalleled, and they fear no criminal case, regardless of the seriousness of the charges.

Let John Barnett Tell Your Story

If you have been charged with a violent crime in Orange County, you need a skilled attorney immediately. Make the Law Offices of John D. Barnett be the first call you make. If we can help, we will put our team to work for you right away.