John Barnett has been featured many times in news outlets throughout his career, along with his son and fellow attorney Case Barnett. A renowned Orange County criminal defense lawyer, John Barnett has built a reputation for his defense of accused police officers during highly publicized and emotionally-charged trials.

We have seen coverage of our cases from both local and national news providers, and have tirelessly fought against negative characterizations of our clients in the media. Browse through our recent online and print mentions here, or use our online contact form to set up an appointment with an experienced criminal defense attorney.

Projecting Doubt (California Lawyer, June 2013) 
Attorney John Barnett defends a police officer accused of murder.

Ex-officer Gets Probation in Rape Trial After Plea (The Orange County Register, March 5, 2013) 
A former Huntington Beach police officer gets probation after entering a plea to the charge of sexually and physically abusing his ex-wife and former girlfriend.

Jury Deadlocks in Trial of Doctor Accused of Sexual Touching (The Orange County Register, October 4, 2012) 
​​A mistrial is declared after a deadlocked jury announced it was unable to determine whether a doctor had committed sexual offenses against patients.

D.A.: Pastor Assaulted Boys During Sleepovers (The Orange County Register, July 5, 2012) 
Attorney Case Barnett defends a Laguna Hills pastor accused of molesting five boys from his church during sleepovers.

Kelly Thomas Case: Defense Says Audiotape Sheds Light on Confrontation (The Orange County Register, June 26, 2012) 
Attorney John Barnett insists that a recording of a cop threatening a suspect was doctored to make the police officer seem like he was giving a deadly threat.

Cop Land: Former Public Defender John Barnett Has Carved a Niche Practice Representing the Police (Super Lawyers, 2012) 
Criminal defense attorney John Barnett has represented an estimated 300 police officers since the early 1990s—a stark contrast to his time interrogating them on the witness stand.

[Moxley Confidential] Accused Drug Dealer Walks After Deputy's Threats to Him Revealed (OC Weekly News, Feb 2, 2012) 
Several charges against an accused drug dealer are dropped after criminal defender Case Barnett reveals false testimony from the sheriff’s deputies.

John D. Barnett Is the Attorney for the Damned (OC Weekly News, Jan 7, 2010) 
John D. Barnett insists his police officer client didn't murder Kelly Thomas.

Accused Cops Find a Friend in O.C. Lawyer (Los Angeles Times, Apr 14, 1996) 
Attorney John D. Barnett defends one of the two Riverside County officers seen on videotape in a beating of undocumented immigrants.

Defense Lawyer in Kelly Thomas Cop Case Has Seen it All (The Orange County Register, March 1, 2012) 
The criminal defense attorney who successfully helped acquit LAPD officer Theodore Briseno in the infamous Rodney King beating in 1992 reflects on his time representing police officers.